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We are pleased to announce the FREE Training courses will be running again in September go to to book your place! 

Advanced Series

Advanced Series |

Advanced Series of FREE workshops 1-Marketing 2-Social Media and Your Brand 3-Improving productivity with cloud based systems 4-Cl..

FREE Training!

FREE Training! | 7-Sep-2015

FREE Internet Training | Southlake Business Chamber Sep 7th -1. Why you need an online presence Sep 14th -2.How to create a website ..



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Member Reviews

Bivs Expresso

I was on my way to work this morning and I was early so I decided to get a coffee. The thought crossed my mind to go through the drive through but I didn't really want to give my money to a large chain store, instead I decided to support local and I'm glad I did! 

Bivs Expresso is friendly, immaculately clean, Yummy and fast!

They may have a small selection of food but they do it well and that's the most important thing, my GoGo Vegie toasted turkish was delicious! and my coffee was spot on!

Kemeys Mountain Hideaway

"Local Chamber Events are an important part of our Business networking and SBCCA directory lets locals and visitors know what accommodation options are available in the Morisset area."

Sirocco Web Design

"The Southlake Chamber of Commerce are an invaluable resource for Businesses in Lake Macquarie with great events, member training and networking opportunities."