Southlake Business Chamber and Community Alliance

The SBCCA was established in 2007 with the merging of the incorporated bodies, the Southlake Community Alliance and the Morisset and District Chamber of Commerce. Both organisations had provided a cross over of services in the district and a merge of the two entities consolidated the organisation membership, meetings, events and costs and allowed a solid foundation for future growth.

The SBCCA continues to focus on the programs that had been put in place prior to the merge. The Comprehensive Live Business Directory is constantly being updated and includes all known businesses in the Southlake Lake Macquarie area Lake Macquarie City Council "Town Centre Program" was established in July 2007 providing funding to engage a Town Centre Coordinator, to initiate the Program for the Southlake District. This program has now ceased. 

southlake business chamber and community alliance

Vision and Objectives

The Southlake Business Chamber has a clear vision and objective.


To be a respected, high profile umbrella organisation promoting and supporting business and community groups in the South Lake Macquarie area.


  1. Encourage and promote business within the region
  2. Provide support to business in the region by way of promotion, advice, and training
  3. Develop a community network of volunteer based organisations
  4. Provide support and encouragement to volunteer organisations in the area
  5. Identify important regional issues and communicate them to Council, State, and Federal Government
  6. Encourage networking opportunities between members
  7. Recognise excellence amongst business and community organisations in the region
  8. Work collaboratively with LMCC’s TCPC to achieve citywide objectives.

SBCCA is an incorporated body with an elected Management Committee 

View a copy of the Southlake Business Chamber and Community Alliance Constitution