Youth, Environment and Heritage

Southlake Youth Centre (SYC)

Southlake Youth Centre (SYC) provides general counselling, social and recreational activities, information, education, leadership development, mentoring, peer support activities and group work, referral and advocacy for 12 – 18 year olds who live in the Southlakes area.  Regular activities include a youth group, drop-in centre, school holiday outings, a young mum’s group, parenting classes and school based programmes at Morisset High School. Special events also include skate competitions and pirate convention.

Southlake Youth Centre operates from the Bonnells Bay Youth and Community Centre in Fishery Point Rd, Bonnells Bay (opposite the Bonnells Bay Shopping Centre).  It deals with many types of youth issues including harassment and bullying, homelessness, family trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, school and vocational challenges.

Business hours are 12 noon to 6.30pm Monday to Thursday or by appointment.

Download a copy of the Aims and Objectives of the SYC below -

Aims and Objectives of the SYC Aims and Objectives of the SYC (30 KB)

Contact Information:

Bonnells Bay Youth and Community Centre
Fishery Point Rd, Bonnells Bay
02 4973 5125

To view upcoming events and other SYC information visit their website here.

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Sunshine - Silverwater Landcare

The Sunshine-Silverwater Landcare group was formed in 1994 and relies on a small number of dedicated volunteers to care for a 28.22 hectare site on the Morisset Peninsula. This area comprises all of Sunshine Park, Johnys Point and the foreshore reserve between the two. Much of the area is in very good condition, which enables the group to concentrate its efforts on weed removal, erosion control, mulching replanted areas and improving public access.

The group receives a lot of support from the Lake Macquarie City Council, Lake Macquarie Landcare network and received a Federal Government Grant, in 2009, under the Government’s “Caring for Our Country” program. This grant enabled the group to construct a combination of boardwalk and pathway along a section of the lake foreshore. This entailed a lot of weed removal (and subsequent replanting) and erosion control measures, as well as the boardwalk and pathway construction.

As part of the project, Lake Macquarie Council subsequently completed the installation of a rock erosion control barrier, along the lake edge where the pathway was constructed. The group faces many challenges. We need more active volunteers to assist with our “bush care” program. At present, we have an average of six to eight volunteers who meet on the third Thursday of each month, usually with the support of “The Green Team” from Lake Macquarie Landcare. None of our volunteers are expected to work, nor should work, beyond their physical ability. In addition, many of our members visit the area at other times to work on a particular area of need. Vandalism, rubbish dumping and the removal of newly-planted native plants are all disappointing challenges we encounter.

On an encouraging note, Lake Macquarie City Council is currently carrying out a series of surveys of natural areas in the city. These surveys have identified the largest tree found as, an obviously extremely large, Angophora costata in Sunshine Park. We are also delighted with the natural bush regeneration occurring in the rejuvenated, former camping area, near the Sunshine boat launching ramp. This regeneration includes the appearance of a number of native orchids.

sunshine silverwater land care

sunshine silverwater land care

sunshine silverwater land care

sunshine silverwater land care